What is more important than communication?

As if subject to its own form of global warming, each year the sea of information around us rises faster. It has never been more important for our messages to be clear and concise. Not very long ago a website like this might have been unique. Now there are probably thousands offering similar services.

For your own online presence, two things are vital: To be found on the Web and to communicate your message effectively. No easy task to be visible, when there are thousands of new pages of information being added every day. A major challenge to reach people when their time is short and attention spans limited. Perhaps we can help?

Permanent Presence provides on- and off- line design and publication. If you want to engage people's interest or attract new clients, your first communication with them can be make or break!  Keeping their attention or custom then depends not just upon your product or service, but also on the quality of supporting information you provide. Are you reaching people, getting your message across and keeping them interested and buying from you?